Olle Eksell

For us the Holy Grail is Olle Eksell. We guard his legacy and continues to spread his message from 1964, Design = Ekonomi.

Johan Andersson (Holy Grail), designer from Stockholm, has released a unique series of products with designs by his friend and mentor – the Swedish design icon Olle Eksell (1918-2007). Together with the Eksell family we have designed a collection of selected products. We are also responsible for the website www.olleeksell.se and its content.

The products are just a small part of www.olleeksell.se. Much time has been devoted to providing information and films about Olle, his ideas and ideals.The focus is to continue to spread the mission about Olle Eksell and his beliefs. It’s more than anything, a tribute to a friend.

Let’s make something special


Kungsbro strand 17
112 26 Stockholm